Lynda supports small businesses such as Coffee Villa in Orchards, Washington

As a member of a family owned and operated small business, I understand the many challenges that face our state’s job providers. It’s tough enough to face the rigors of a competitive marketplace, manage cash flow, and provide payroll and benefits for employees, without having to comply with over burdensome rules, regulations, fees, and taxes. Appropriate rules and regulations are necessary, as are reasonable fees and taxes. However, the trend in our state has been to push “tax and regulate” initiatives to job killing levels.

I believe that government has a responsibility to create and maintain an economic atmosphere, where businesses can grow and thrive, and in turn provide the opportunity for more and better jobs for our citizens and families. As your Representative in state government, I have used my experience in business and job creation to work toward just such an atmosphere, and I look forward to continue that work as your State Senator.