Education is a core function of our state government

Education is not only one of the most important functions of our state government, but it is expressly listed in the state’s constitution as one of the few specific responsibilities of the state aside from protecting our individual rights.

Education is one of my top priorities. Over the past four years the Legislature has invested an additional $4.7 billion in K-12 education, representing a full 36% increase. I supported this effort because it reduced K-3 class sizes, expanded full-day kindergarten, addressed teacher COLA’s and materials, supplies, and operating costs. I am proud to be among those in the Legislature that understands the importance of this historic investment in education and voted to support.

Any and all education gives us all the ability to create a foundation for a better life. We must always strive to continue learning. Republicans recognized that and in 2015 we led the efforts to make college tuition more affordable by making unprecedented cuts in tuition in our public institutions of higher education.

I also understand that college is not for everyone. To be successful, one must find a passion for learning whether it be in auto mechanics, a desire to build homes, a cosmetologist or any other vocational skill. For this reason, our 3rd generational small family business, DeWils, has coordinated with the Clark County Skills Center and is investing in their programs as one of their two corporate sponsors.

Finally, the state needs more of our education resources to be directed to the classroom, not the education bureaucracy, putting the needs of our children first. I believe that parents and their children deserve more and better choices when it comes to their education.

Lynda Wilson is endorsed by Stand for Children Washington.